Study the Bible in Georgia
Basic Christian Follow-up

This course begins with material from CCCI that explains how every new believer can grow in his relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. 

This course is very important to older believers for 2 reasons:

1. Older believers need a transferable method of following up those they lead to Christ.

2. Each lesson contains the basic information each believer should have in his thought process and prayer life every day for hte rest of his life

Lessons include:

  1. How to be sure of your relationship with God
  1. How to be sure your sins are forgiven
  1. How to be directed and empowered by the Lord
  1. How to grow in Christ
  1. How to study the Bible
  1. How to pray
  1. The challenge of becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ
  1. The joy of giving
  1. Trusting God as a lifestyle
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