Study the Bible in Georgia
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Undergraduate Courses
Basic Christian Follow-up (9 lessons)
Experiencing the Abundant Life (5 lessons)
How to Present the Gospel (5 lessons)
How to do Good TGs (7 lessons)
How to Follow-up New Believers (8 lessons)
How to Disciple Others (10 lessons)
Leading a Spiriutal Movement (8 lessons)
Graduate Level Courses
Systematic Theology (93 lessons)
New Testament Survey (28 lessons)
Old Testament Survey (40 lessons)
History of Missions (25 lessons)
Ministry in the 57 Least Evangelized Countries (30 lessons)
Leadership (11 lessons)
Greek 1: Introduciton to New Testament Greek (42 lessons)
Greek 2: Preparing Ministry Talks Using the Greek of 1John (10 lessons)
Greek 3: Preparing Ministry Talks Using the Greek of Ephesians (12 lessons)
Greek 4: Preparing Ministry Talks Using the Greek of Well-known N. T. Passages (26 lessons)
Hebrew 1: Introduction to Biblical Hebrew (40 lessons)
Hebrew 2: Preparing Ministry Talks Using the Hebrew of Key O.T. Passages
(30 lessons)