Study the Bible in Georgia

Seminary-level Courses

This curriculum has 3 special functions:

  1. Academic training in the Bible
  1. Personal ministry training
  1. Personal ministry mentoring.

Therefore, every new learner will be required to start at the beginning of the curriculum and to proceed in order through the list of 18 courses.  Those who are able to study two courses at once will be allowed to study the basic material and the more advance material at the same time.

If you would like to see the curriculum, click here.

The training experience is powered by Elluminate, the world leader in interactive distance education.  This tool leaves no learner behind.  The Elluminate infrastructure  will work well for connections as slow as 33 kbps.  It also has additional features for those who have a very fast connection.  Features include:

  1. A combination of live and recorded audio and video training classes.
  1. Interactive quizzes graded by a live instructor. 
  1. Power Point Presentations
  1. Video
  1. Live or still pictures of teacher and classmates (not required).

The training is designed to prepare you to be an effective disciple of Jesus Christ, not to lead to an accredited academic degree.  There will be a teaching certificate awarded for the successful completion of each course.  This certificate will permit you to teach others the material you successfully studied.  The teacher’s notes for each class will be made available to you for each course for which you have earned a certificate.

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