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OnlineBibleStudy.biz is an international Christian movement commited to giving every person on earth an opportunity to say "Yes" to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The key element in our growth as a movement is a committment to multiplying discipleship, where every student becomes a teacher and every teacher remains a student. It is only through the Biblically based model of multiplying discipleship that the dual elements of exponential growth and in-depth training can be simultaneously realized.

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If you would like to explore the riches of the Christian live in-depth, then consider the OnlineBiblestudy.biz online discipleship curriculum. More than just a program of study, the OnlineBiblestudy.biz online discipleship curriculum allows you to establish a real relationship with a mature Christian trainer. Using simple to use, highly-advanced video conferencing software, your discipler will teach you how to study the Bible, how to share your faith with others, how to build a fruitful ministry of your own, and how to enjoy a close, loving relationship with Christ. You will also have the opportunity to meet other growing Christians like yourself. Jesus told us to "Make disciples of all nations." Being discipled is a basic duty of each and every believer. If you are ready to take this step of faith,

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Do you have a Bible study or church group that needs to grow? Consider qualifying your group as an official OnlineBiblestudy.biz group. By certifying that each member of the group is willing to commit themselves to the OnlineBiblestudy.biz standards, your group can become an OnlineBiblestudy.biz group and receive the benefits of in-depth ministry skills and discipleship training. Georgia desperately needs quality in-depth training of Christian leaders. You can do your part by qualifying your group.

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